Pilot program to promote critical thinking and inner peace

As we mentioned in our goals, we seek to empower ourselves together to become agents of sustainable change. To start working towards that goal, we will soon be starting our pilot program that seeks to promote critical thinking and inner peace, tools that we believe are essential in order to become agents of sustainable change and thus achieve the social change we desire.

Let’s empower each other to become agents of sustainable changes.

In preparation to start this program of inner transition, we were first sharing in a series of discussions some ideas that we consider appropriate to take into account when we seek to generate changes. The talks were held at the “Rama dorada” bookstore in the city of Mérida and the following topics were discussed:

  • The change and its stages
  • The meaning of life
  • The goals and their drawbacks

The second step after sharing these talks is to start the pilot program that will consist of 18 sessions in total and each session will last around one to two hours. We hope to put together a group of people interested in joining us on this adventure and together begin to better prepare ourselves on this path of change that we undertake.

Join us in our fight for a sustainable future in Venezuela!