Our Goals

With co-creando we want to help the people in Mérida, Venezuela to get food on their tables. Food that they can plant and harvest themselves so that the land regains its fertility. And so that our life regains meaning through commitment and community work.

Let’s empower each other to become agents of sustainable changes!

Taking into account all of the current problems in Venezuela, we will focus on fighting to achieve the following for the people here.

Food production:
Contribute to the increase of food sovereignty and the production of healthy food

Waste management:
Contribute to the reduction of garbage in the streets and to the increase of soil fertility

Support of low-income families:
Provide support to low-income families through sustainable living methods

Inner transition:
Encourage people to support each other and thereby increase and motivate critical thinking


We developed four modules based on the objectives outlines above to keep our goals in sight and to have a real and tangible impact. More about our measures you can learn in our program overview.


We want to work hard to make this project possible. At first we’ll be working on these issues in the city of Mérida, Venezuela where we live. In addition to that, we’ll try to promote some of the programs in Mene Mauroa, a town in Falcón State, Venezuela.


Our motivation is born out of dissatisfaction that is generated in us, not only through the horrible situation that Venezuela is going through, but also through living in a world of extremes like abundance and scarcity, where balance and meaning escape. 

Our vision is to implement truly sustainable solutions for self-sufficient ways to live – for us and our communities.

We’re happy if you are interested in understanding a little bit more about what we do and who we are. We’re even more happy if you feel motivated to support us in our cause!