Support of low-income families:
Solidarity & sustainability

We seek to support low-income individuals and / or families through sustainable methods. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Collaborating in the construction and / or donation of sustainable methods such as; ecological toilets, efficient stoves, water collection methods, ecological filters.
  • By donating healthy food while promoting healthy eating through workshops.

What problems do we seek to face through this program?

Through this program, the aim is to face the problems related to the high prices caused by inflation and the shortage of water and gas.

The gas shortage has led many to cook again as it used to be in the past, on wood. This practice generates various diseases due to overexposure to smoke from the stove. Wood smoke, in addition to lung diseases, also has an incidence in tuberculosis and cataracts.

In addition to gas shortages, Venezuelans are also affected by water shortages, in many places there is no possibility of having running water and if you want to buy, drinking water is very expensive. In Caracas, for example, there are places that have been up to a month without running water. This has led many caraqueños to load buckets of dirty water from polluted rivers. Given the shortage of drinking water, the country is now affected by outbreaks of diseases caused by contaminated food or water. According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Public Services, diarrheal symptoms, scabies and other skin and gastrointestinal diseases are several of the conditions that afflict Venezuelans due to the continuous lack and low quality of water. Not only is the country facing water and gas shortages, it is also facing terrible inflation that prevents many from eating healthy and / or buying the necessary medicines when they are sick.

How can we face these problems?

The crisis leads us to recognize the need not only to implement sustainable solutions that go to the root of the problem, but also to implement immediate humanitarian help. This help is urgent and vital, and cannot be sacrificed in the name of the sustainable future. We have to work in various temporalities. Therefore, we want to be able to donate healthy food, medicines, medical supplies, etc. All of these donations will be made while promoting sustainability ideas, promoting vegetable gardens and sustainable methods. Donations, we will make hand in hand to workshops to promote empowerment: these can be workshops on healthy eating or workshops to learn how to make our own flours, soaps, tools, etc.

We also hope to help in a sustainable and ecological way through the creation of solar ovens, efficient stoves (Rocket Stove), water collection systems, ecological tanks and water filters. We do it this way to defend the right to a dignified life, continuously throughout time. In this way, by changing the habits and objects of daily life, we can promote a new culture, moving from the culture of waste to that of sustainability. The interest is immediate and also cultural.